I guess you're looking for Katelyn Hare?

Welp, she got married and is now Katelyn Cresmer!

I still did business under Katelyn Hare Development. It was the name for my freelance website development business and then the "parent company" name of my side projects.

Well..... It's no longer fitting. Even though I LOVE MY LOGO and I worked really hard on it in college. That H icon? FUCKING PERFECTION!!

This domain is mainly for placeholders, tests, experiments and stuff for my family. If you're looking for me and my other ventures, feel free to check out my new website or my new company's website.

I am no longer a website developer, so I will not show you a portfolio or resume. If you're looking for that sort of thing, I guess my LinkedIn page is pretty impressive. Or just email me if you want to reconnect (:

Other than that, GET OUTTA HARE